MET Industrial Microwave Systems

METWAVE is an industrial microwave that sterilizes, dries, processes, and cooks organic and inorganic materials such as dried fruits and nuts. A well-designed invention based on METWAVE’s patent-pending small microwave generators allows us to reduce the cost of METWAVE. Our product is an indispensable alternative for producers who want to reduce or eliminate hazardous toxins such as Aflatoxin or Orotoxin. Thanks to microwave technology, products passing through the system are heated from the inside out. When METWAVE is used for heating, drying or cooking, it is helpful to dry the grease at relatively low temperatures by comparing conventional methods. METWAVE’s modular design meets all your capacity needs depending on the product. With METWAVE Hybrid, we are increasing the efficiency and capacity by combining sustainable energy sources (such as Solar and Geothermal) into microwave energy.

Industries and Applications



Industrial Microwave Oven for Sterilization, Cooking and Drying Needs