Microwave process of materials is a technology that may offer the material processor with a brand new, powerful, and considerably total different tool to method materials that will not be amenable to standard suggests that of process or to enhance the performance characteristics of existing materials. However, because of the complexness of microwave interactions with materials, merely putting a sample during a microwave and expecting it to heat expeditiously can rarely cause success [1].

Microwave energy that is also considerable as microwave frequency ranges from 0.3 MHz to 300 GHz. Incorporated radio frequencies is being produced as another innovation for high temperature preparing of materials. Cases of the favorable circumstances related with microwave handling include quick and uniform warming; diminished sintering temperatures; enhanced physical and mechanical properties; and, remarkable properties, which are not seen in regular procedures [2]. These points of interest saw in materials prepared utilizing microwave energy are being credited to microwave impacts, which are specific to this innovation.

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The profits of electromagnetic heating in materials process arise from selective heating of specific phases at intervals a bulk material. Also, the ability to dissipate energy volumetrically throughout the material.

As a result, process times are often up to one thousand times quicker compared to traditional heat sources. This may deliver vital energy savings and allows plant instrumentality to be smaller and doubtless moveable, in operation in remote locations or near to the top use.

Processes are often speedily started and finish off, enhancing operability and potency. As microwaves area unit power-driven by associate electrical supply they will utilize renewable sources, rising property.

In this manner, our industrial microwave oven technology, METWAVE series, is capable of processing materials, which are used as energy products. The three main energy products coal processing, biosolid processing and oil reclamation can be obtain ideally by using METWAVE.


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