Food Processing

METWAVE is a system that developed by MET Advanced Technology Systems. It is an industrial microwave oven system specially designed for Tempering, Drying, Sterilization, Cooking and Heating processes. Our Industrial Microwave System processes your food products efficiently. It is programmable for your demand. We use RF (Radio-frequency) technology in this system. RF heating is a suitable technology that can be used for heating cured meat products due to the fact that the dissolved salts are depolarized and the salt content is high in the curing composition[1]. Also, you can find RF heating and drying after baking crackers, pasta, snack products etc. known as “Post baking” technology in our industrial microwave system. Although all these usage of this system, there are a lot of benefits of using the microwave. A major advantage of high-temperature microwave systems is their “green” nature. Microwave furnaces generally heat only the objects to be processed, not the furnace walls or atmosphere. Furthermore, you can determine the final humidity of your product in our system. The other great advantage of our system is low cost in system maintenance

metwave 1.0

Figure 1: METWAVE 1.0

METWAVE can dry a lot of organic product such as red pepper, pear and tea leaf. Also, the most used products in the sector are fig and apricot.

Microwave has been successfully used to heat, dry, and sterilize many food products.[2]Compared with conventional methods, microwave processing offers the following advantages:

  • Microwave penetrates inside the food materials and, therefore, cooking takes place throughout the whole volume of food internally, uniformly, and rapidly, which significantly reduces the processing time and energy.
  • Since the heat transfer is fast, nutrients and vitamins contents, as well as flavor, sensory characteristics, and color of food are well preserved
  • Ultrafast pasteurization or sterilization of pumpable fluids minimizes nutrient, color, and flavor losses
  • Minimum fouling depositions, because of the elimination of the hot heat transfer surfaces, since the piping used is microwave transparent and remains relatively cooler than the product
  • High heating efficiency (80% or higher efficiency can be achieved)
  • Perfect geometry for clean-in-place (CIP) system
  • Suitable for heat-sensitive, high-viscous, and multiphase fluids
  • Low cost in system maintenance
  • Heating is silent and does not generate exhaust gas
  • Flat radial temperature profile for most products
  • Can be combined with other technologies, such as regenerative heat exchangers and infrared heating for better process performance.


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Figure 2: Dry Fig

The use of microdermabrasion for cooking is particularly suitable for vegetable, poultry and red meat pre-cooking or cooking stages.