METWAVE 6 Hybrid

The METWAVE family’s newly developed product Industrial Microwave Oven METWAVE 6 The hybrid has METWAVE features as well as a hybrid 2. It has an energy source. This energy source further increases the efficiency by using hot air beside microwave energy. The Microwave in the Industrial Microwave Oven is seen in detailed R & D studies where there are various disadvantages when used on its own. The METWAVE 6 Hybrid, developed 100% locally, uses hot air to overcome the disadvantages.

The microwave cavities that make up METWAVE’s modules are made up of small microwave generators operating at 2.45 GHz in industrial type. Instead of producing and distributing a large and one generator microwave energy, the energy produced by a number of small generators is positioned within the cavity to create a homogeneous energy field. Flow simulations were made under the same cavity and hot air blowing hoods were placed. Each module has electric heaters that can be rated as required. The air passing through these electric heaters is heated and used in the microwave module. This patented solution of MET has increased its efficiency especially in drying thanks to its unique structure. It allows the products to be dried directly from the wet.

The Industrial Microwave Oven METWAVE 6 Hybrid, with each module having 16 kW of microwave power, is designed to have a total of 96 kW of microwave power, with 6 modules joined side by side. There are also 10 kW electric heaters in each module. This 96 kW Microwave power, as well as a 60 kW electric heater power, digital, flexible and adjustable to the user as desired. In a conveyor belt system, products are loaded from one side, under the silencers which prevent microwave leaks, and exit from the machine by passing under each module respectively. This structure, which can be seen in the following photo, responds to the requirement of high volume production because it is a continuously flowing conveyor as it allows the capacity increase when it is required due to its flexibility.

metwave 6

Figure 1. METWAVE 6 General View

As with all METWAVE Industrial Microwave Oven family, METWAVE 6 Hybrid is a technological machine that is produced by the Industry 4.0 infrastructure and is digital, traceable, preventive maintenance. Thanks to its control systems it allows different energy to be applied to different modules from the user interface. In this way, energy is applied in the desired amount and the speed of the conveyor is adjusted according to the required time as desired from the prescriptions recorded as the product changes. These provide optimal flexibility for seasonal, capacitive or product-based changes.

In the MET Industrial Microwave Oven family, each module’s power control panel is on its own. You can see the details of the photo below and it is possible to provide quick maintenance and change over this panel. There is a hood that removes the nemesis on each module. Thanks to the fans on the hoods, the microwave energy removes the nemesis from the module by loading it onto the air. The METWAVE 6 Hybrid model has a separate hood that supplies hot air under the module. This hood is placed next to the electric heating element connected to it and the heat distributes the air homogeneously to the products inside the module. This system which increases the efficiency when used with the purpose of drying allows the most flexible control thanks to the built-in temperature and humidity sensors. The inlet and outlet air temperatures are controlled and the fan speed can be changed digitally on the screen.

The structure of the METWAVE Industrial Microwave Oven family in the form of a conveyor does not occupy space such as fixed and closed tunnels. They are installed on the production lines and provide a regular, continuous flow. Care must be taken that the products to be treated are only uniformly distributed during loading and not more than the height allowed by the microwave mufflers. As you can see in the photo below, there are guides to guide the products in the loading and unloading sections. The installation of the products to be processed by the METWAVE family can usually be with any array providing a pendulum or even surface area provided by the customer. The carrier band of the system is the modular band at the highest opening that is suitable for food and is specially selected for the product. These modular tapes are equipped with washing, brushing and drying units at the end of each cycle. This washing and drying system, which can be integrated with the oven, provides great benefits in cleaning and hygiene in long-term operations.

METWAVE 6 Hybrid has a total installed power of close to 200 kW. This value can be changed by the differentiation of the options to be taken on the machine. Each module is 1.7 meters long and 1.2 meters wide. The total length is 16 meters with the silencer modules in and out. Modular construction provides us with the best possible means, the module can be added as desired in the future capacity increases and the furnace size can be extended. All modules and bodies are made of AISI 304 stainless steel. These structures, which can also be manufactured as AISI316 upon request, provide the highest hygiene in production.

metwave 6

Figure 2. METWAVE 6 Back View

METWAVE 6 Hybrid Machine Safety:

METWAVE Industrial Microwave Oven family conforms to the relevant LVD and EMC standards required by the product description, in particular the Machinery Directives laid down by the European Union. The mufflers located at the conveyor inlets and outlets have a microwave emission level that is low enough to be acceptable to human health. Each METWAVE product is verified by site measurements after installation. All microwave generators are externally fixed in a closed mechanical structure. Except for access by authorized and trained personnel for maintenance, this non-acces- sible structure helps to protect external leaks. Monitoring, cleaning and response windows on the modules are protected by safety sensors. All the safety features on the machine are managed by a safety relay, minimizing the risk of error. If desired, the arc protection and emission sensors can be added to the machine for maximum protection.

METWAVE 6 Hybrid Applications:

METWAVE 6 Hybrid can be used as a performance enhancer in advance of existing heating or cooking lines. Reduction of the total energy consumed by conventional methods of heating, cooking or other processes. Increase production efficiency. It has been observed that in the analyzes made, the performance of the heating line is increased up to 25% by integrating it in front of existing heating lines. One of the most important features of microwave heating is the heating of the product from the inside to the outside, providing a homogeneous energy distribution and allowing the products to be heated at lower temperatures. Due to the transmission of heat in conventional methods, it is necessary to remove the outer shell to higher temperatures, especially if the heat transfer coefficient of the product is low (usually very low for food products) to remove the inner core from the desired temperature. This is caused by many problems such as darkening, texturing, taste change, caramelization and so on. The METWAVE 6 Hybrid Industrial Microwave Oven helps reduce this effect as described above when used with preheating purpose.

metwave 6

Figure 3. METWAVE 6 Loading Detail

METWAVE 6 Hybrid Industrial Microwave Oven When used for baking, it is digitally turned into a line that provides a uniform and uniform cooking thanks to its flexible structure that can be controlled from the user interface. Allows the use of the desired capacity from 1 kg of product per hour to 800 kg of product per hour. This system is ideal for the pre-cooking, final cooking or cooking process of meat, fish, poultry or other food. (This is because the capacity depending on the weight, the mass of the material and the energy that can be applied at the unit time may be different.

Another area where METWAVE 6 Hybrid Industrial Microwave Oven can be used is tempered. Tempering in a continuous system allows precise control of other operations such as slicing, dividing, shaping and molding. Product quality and production are improved, drying effect is reduced. The taste and protein components are preserved in the flour.

The METWAVE 6 Hybrid Industrial Microwave Oven is the most efficient area to use. Besides microwave energy, hot air allows very efficient moisture removal. This feature allows for the drying of fresh fruits and vegetables or other foods. Instead of waiting weeks for products as in conventional drying methods, desired products can be dried within hours. In this dryer, there is no loss of color in the food, the food values ​​are protected and the highest hygiene is ensured. As soon as we have harvested the products, passing through our oven will prevent the formation of toxic and carcinogenic toxins such as aflatoxin which will occur during standby. In this respect Industrial Microwave Oven is a strategic investment especially for exporting companies.