The microwave oven is the story of development and passion.


MET experienced in industrial automation, robotics solution for a customer who had visited “Industrial Microwave Oven” When asked whether Turkey could also predicted the production of many studies carried out not enter the microwave industry. Our technopark located in İzmir, which has a staff that conducts academic studies, makes a difference in its solutions by following the engineering principles in its projects. We decided to develop a microwave oven with the demand from our customers that we did not have enough engineering work done in this regard and that we are behind other countries.

The microwave developed in the 1960’s has been actively used in many fields today in Enerjiden, material processing, food and industrial. Due to the fact that microwave generators can be used as military equipments due to their construction and high-tech manufacturing methods, this technology has several countries in the world. For this reason, large microwave generators for high power ovens are very costly and difficult to import. It is a special field where professionals who specialize in electromagnetic fields require difficult and profound experiences. It was precisely for these reasons that MET developed METWAVE. Instead of expensive imported microwaves, a new furnace has been developed that is designed to allow small microwave generators with low cost to work together to create a homogeneous energy field.

During the development of the project idea, support for R & D costs was obtained by using “1501 – TÜBİTAK Industrial R & D Projects Support Program” support. Dr. METWAVE has been developed with consultancy service from Korkut Yeğin. Electromagnetic waves are waves that are likely to be mutually damped, unlike other radiation sources such as light. When a multi-mode design is made in the microwave oven design, when the sources are not in the right positions relative to each other, a structure that is not energy efficient and sometimes does not even heat up may emerge.

METWAVE engineered simulations and design enable multiple generators to work together to create the most appropriate and homogeneous energy field. This is a much more productive product thanks to simulations and confirmations made in comparison to furnaces with large and single sources, which are more cost effective than multi-source furnaces.

After successful 1501 TÜBİTAK project results in the national news media, which METWAV to, figs Turkey was among the largest exporters, Nuts, Raisins, Aflatoxin in many food products, especially tea and pepper and ochratoxin prevent the formation, reducing the toxins present rate, microbial load reduction and sterilization and pasteurization of food and non-food products. These toxins, which are the biggest problem of our exports, cause all the products to be returned and major commercial losses if detected in a shipment. We offered METWAVE product which we developed to support our producers, to increase technological capacities, to increase production capacities and yields, to get more yield from the same tree.

Met Team