The microwave oven’s story began when Percy Spencer (1894-1970), an electronics expert, worked on radar equipment and noticed the melting of chocolate in his pocket when he stood next to the “magnetron”, one of the machine’s power units. This technology is still developing rapidly and used in many different areas. During the World War II, the common usage of radar accelerated the development of microwave technology. Not long ago, the first microwave heating system applications project involving the heating of foodstuffs have realized. Mission that MET Advanced Technology System firm has embraced, is to produce and develop microwave systems of all types at highest quality for use in all areas at the fast-growing microwave industry.

metwave 6

Figure 1. METWAVE 3

Our company is continuing the innovative activities in order to produce more advanced microwave systems and develop these systems to bring the innovation to the world, without considering to be bound to a certain industry. In this process, it has always been our priority to have a customer portfolio which is made of universities, governments and private consortiums. MET firm has shown that innovative solutions can produced for microwave systems in the direction of your requests with 3 METWAVE products developed so far. We intent to produce microwave systems for customers who are involved in commercial activities in different areas such as drying, tempering, cooking or boost heating systems. These systems are designed and implemented according to customer facilities and requirements. Meanwhile, designing projects that fit into non-standard customer requirements and the opportunity to exploring new markets in line with these requests, gives us the happiness of moving on in the direction of our mission that we always have.

metwave 3 render

Figure 2. Render of METWAVE 3