System; raises the core temperature of the product and reaches the minimum cooking temperature quickly and efficiently. This allows less moisture, less heat on the outside of the product, without color and image change, and increases the efficiency. In addition to increasing yield, it also reduces inventory requirements, reducing total cost of production. In addition, the efficiency of our industrial microwave oven compared to other food processing methods is very high. Flexible and programmable control allows prescriptions to be created as desired. Thanks to the special sensors that MET has, the temperature trend can be monitored throughout the product’s entire journey.

metwave 1.0 microwave

The microwave is not just in the food area; more drying, drying of ceramics, drying of porcelain, drying of marble, drying of fiber, drying of paper and cardboard, many are used in the field.

The system has been installed at regular intervals for easy cleaning and monitoring. The microwave oven consists of stainless steel suitable for food. The silencers at the entrance and exit ensure that there is no microwave leakage in the surrounding working area and that the system reliably delivers microwave energy. The field measurements performed by the MET ensure that the leakage level around the machine is less than 5 mW / cm2.


The METWAVE 3 product also emerged after the first prototype of the development of the METWAVE family. Each module has 16 kW of microwave power and is designed to have a total of 48 kW of microwave power, with 3 modules side by side.

metwave 3


One of the most important features of the METWAVE family is the modular structure.

metwave 3

Test Stations

Thanks to its control systems it allows different energy to be applied to different modules from the user interface.

test istasyonları

Special Products

One of the most important features of microwave heating is the heating of the product from the inside to the outside, providing a homogeneous energy distribution and allowing the products to be heated at lower temperatures.

özel ürünler