microwave rice drying


In METWAVE industrial microwave oven systems, it is possible to dry and sterilize rice efficiently and easily!


Drying or dehydration is the process of removing volatile substances, such as water, from solid materials to slow or stop the growth of microorganisms or chemical reactions.

In conventional drying methods, due to the temperature difference between the hot surface of the product and the colder interior during the drying process, heat is gradually conveyed from the surface of the dried material towards the interior. Thus, first the surface of the product and then the internal parts dry out and the hard layer formed due to shrinkage on the outer surface of the product prevents the transfer of heat to the inner parts and the moisture inside the product to transfer to the outside. In the microwave drying method, as the electromagnetic field affects the material as a whole, unlike conventional drying methods, a selective heating is performed by directly targeting the water molecules within the material. In this method, heat is generated directly in the product. The moisture in the product is vaporized by heating in a very short time and due to the difference of vapor pressure in the indoor and outdoor environment, the moisture transfer is from inside to outside. Thus, the problem of heat transfer occurring in conventional drying methods is eliminated in microwave drying method.

rice exiting microwave

Rice Exiting Microwave

rice entering microwave

Rice Entering Microwave

rice flour


Rice flour is used in many food products, especially baby foods. Therefore, sterilization of rice is very important. Thanks to microwave technology, it is possible to simultaneously dry and sterilize rice in rice flour production.

Rice is the only grain grown in water. The process between sowing and harvesting rice is really laborious. As in the rest of the world, production and export of the rice is very important.

“In 2017/18 market year (September 1 to August 31), 90 thousand tons of rice imports has been made in Turkey, this value has lagged behind the previous year of 51% of the amount of import markets. Import costs have increased with the appreciation of the US dollar against the Turkish Lira since the second half of 2016, and this has led paddy plants to use domestic products. In this period, 38,000 tons of brown rice and 243,000 tons of semi / whole milled rice were imported. In Turkey, 40 thousand tons in the 2017/18 market year, half / milled or wholly milled rice exports are made. According to TUIK data, Turkey was in the 2017/18 season compared to the previous season rice export value decreased by 3.2% in US dollar mark, the rate of increase of import value was 50%.” [1]

To avoid increased costs and reduced export revenue, METWAVE industrial microwave ovens offer a clever and economical solution.